Star Citizen Link Collection

Last Update: July 16, 2023


favicon Loaner ship matrix by CIG
Starjump fleetviewer & hangar link by
favicon Overview & fleet control by
favicon Verfied fleet visualization by
favicon Fleet manager & comparison by
favicon Manager for CCU game exports by
favicon Ships performances viewer by
favicon Performace analysis sheet by Legacy Fleet

favicon Sales, rentals, loadouts & more by
favicon Ship list and info by
favicon Ship sale & rental locations by
favicon Ship sale & rental table by
favicon Loadout configurator by
favicon Recommended loadouts by
favicon Hangar & upgrade calculator by

Gear & Items

favicon Components, gear, items, etc. by
favicon Components, gear & item finder by
favicon Personal equipment by
favicon Armory builder by

Galaxy Maps

favicon Interactive galaxy map by CIG
favicon Printable galaxy maps by

System Locations

favicon Navigation spreadsheet by Murphy Exploration
favicon Places, caves & crash sites | sheet by
favicon Visual maps by
favicon Location charts & sheets by
🔵 Wreck sites by Odyssey Interstellar
favicon Community wiki by
favicon Planetary survey by
favicon Astronomical encyclopedia by
favicon Navigation point calculator by Nova-Public
🕗 Local time viewer by VerseTime


favicon Start your adventure in the Welcome Hub by CIG
favicon First steps & beginner guides by CIG
favicon Official guide hub by CIG
favicon Galactapedia by CIG
favicon Ship-to-Ship refueling 3.17 by CIG

favicon Mission list by
favicon Mission list by
favicon CCUs, melting & insurance by
NEW: General gameplay tipps by The Doctrine
favicon Crime stat by Fandom
favicon Crime stat clearance in 3.17 by Reddit Users
favicon Klescher Rehabilitation map by Reddit Users
favicon Camera controls tutorial by
favicon Xenolinguistics / alien translation by


favicon Commodities descriptions by
favicon Trade & mining tools by
favicon Trade & mining tools by
favicon Trade & mining tools by
Trade & mining tools by
favicon Mining timer by
favicon Trade routes by
favicon Trade routes by
favicon Refinery to Aaron Halo routes by
favicon Mining guide 3.12 by
favicon Refinery guide 3.12 by
favicon Mining guide 3.12 by


favicon Printable keyboard mappings by CIG Community
favicon Joystick configurator by

favicon Spectrum by CIG
favicon Hardware requirements matrix by CIG
favicon Server status by CIG
favicon Community Hub by CIG
favicon Community list by
favicon More useful links by
favicon Even more useful links by


favicon Official road map by CIG
favicon Official dev tracker by CIG
favicon Concierge levels and rewards by CIG
favicon Youtube commentary finder by
favicon Social media tracker by
favicon Dev mega index sheet by Community
favicon Progress tracker delta reports by
favicon Server meshing overview by

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